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Upload your catalog easily with our standard CSV format, update your inventory in real time, and have full control of pricing and discounts. Track all orders at a glance.

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Request access, sign up and upload your catalog, together with necessary information about your brand and why it's special.
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Sit back and wait for orders to come in. We bring buyers to you and help you achieve your sales targets. Ship your orders and you're all set!
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We all know how frustrating and annoying it is to wait for your hard-earned money. That's why we pay you within 3 days of shipment.

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We believe in real partnerships, so we only make money when you get orders. Our membership has no fixed fees, so you can start selling for free!

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We only charge a commission on sales
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We go live and broadcast your products to millions of potential customers
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Frequently asked questions

How do I sell on SellerLot?

Resellers and live sellers from around the world come to SellerLot to discover new amazing products to buy in bulk. When you join SellerLot, your brand will go live on our marketplace and resellers will be able to discover your products and place orders. They will be able to place sample orders, and try your products before full-size orders.

How do order fulfillment and shipping work?

We have negotiated shipping rates, so all you have to do is print off pre-paid shipping labels and stick them to the order package.

Will you list all my products?

We will list your full catalog as long as they are your products and do not violate our Product Guidelines. To ensure your page is compelling to retailers, we suggest having at least 10 products listed.

What is the Wholesale price and MSRP?

MSRP stands for Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price and it's the price at which you - as a brand - suggest that resellers sell your products to end customers. The Wholesale Price is the price at which you make your products available to resellers. A good MSRP to Wholesale ratio is 3x, so you should price your Wholesale Price according to that.

How do you handle returns?

All orders are final and non returnable. We allow resellers to buy samples from you, so that they can try your products with peace of mind before placing full-size orders.

Is selling on SellerLot free?

Yes, as a brand you can join SellerLot for free and your products will be available for purchase. We charge no monthly fees, and you can have unlimited products and enjoy all functionalities of our platform. We only charge commissions on sales, meaning we only make money when you do.

How and when do I get paid?

We guarantee you will receive your money, net of our commissions, within 30 days of shipping out your order . We disburse the money to your local bank account in your own currency.

Can I edit products and prices after upload?

Of course you can. Simply log in to your account and browse your catalog: you can now edit titles, descriptions, prices and inventory availability. You're in control of your own business!

How much commission do you charge?

We take no setup fees and invest time and resources to help you upload your catalog. We promote your brand and products to new customers and markets. We take 20% of the total order value, which we deduct prior to releasing our payment to you.

Can I offer samples?

To help resellers try your products and get convinced to place full-size orders, we strongly suggest you to offer the opportunity to buy samples (at a price lower than your usual Wholesale Price).

Do you want to turbocharge your sales? Welcome to SellerLot.